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Does your insurance policy include coverage for the cosmetic procedures you perform?

Medi Coverage

You Might Not Have the Coverage You Think You Do

Medical malpractice insurance should be easy. You want to provide your clients a service, and you want to be fully covered while you do it. The truth is, new, cutting-edge procedures in the cosmetic and aesthetic space aren’t always covered by traditional malpractice insurers. So you might not have the coverage you think you do.

It’s just not right that you put off adding innovative new procedures and services to your offerings. The technology is there, the demand is there. And now? The coverage is there, too.

At Medi Coverage, we help practitioners like you get the coverage they need for every procedure they perform. Endorsed by the Cellular Medicine Association, we’re proud to offer access to a custom-built plan around your suite of services.

You don’t want to be caught unaware. You take good care of your clients- make sure you’re taking good care of your practice, too! Get covered for the procedures you perform today, so you can keep innovating to bring your clients and patients the best experience tomorrow.

Contact Medi Coverage for your personal consultation. We’ll get you started with 3 easy steps:

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Press Release

December 11, 2019- Lakewood, OH - Schroeder Coverage and Cellular Medicine Association announced the availability of Medi Coverage to members of Cellular Medicine Association. Schroeder Coverage brings complete insurance coverage for physicians & physician extenders with cost savings through its medical malpractice and professional liability insurance solutions.

Dr. Charles Runels, President of Cellular Medicine Association stated “For the past 10 years, James Schroeder has taken a personal interest in making sure our members (including myself) are securely covered for any liability from the practice of cellular medicine. He has an intimate knowledge of our procedures and of our strong record of safety within the CMA; therefore, he managed to secure coverage that truly protects at a price that is so competitive that the savings from the insurance alone could more than pay for membership in the CMA.”

“This collaboration between Schroeder Coverage and Cellular Medicine Association (CMA) brings a high level of strong insurance protection for cellular therapies together with VIP service and group pricing as a benefit for CMA membership,” stated James Schroeder, President of Schroeder Coverage. Many insurance policies do not include coverage for the innovative procedures Dr. Charles Runels has pioneered. Products and services are available to CMA members nationally.

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Schroeder Coverage LLC., based in Lakewood, Ohio, is an insurance organization offering solutions and a proven strategy that delivers cost savings and complete insurance coverage. For more information on Schroeder Coverage, visit the company website at

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